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Don’t set limits to imagination!

My surname is KINDOF

I know, my name is DRAWER: what a lack of imagination, you might say. But maybe you don’t know that my surname is KINDOF, and this … changes things a lot. Because I am a special DRAWER, I am essential, simple and airy and I can be of any colour. I am a Design product, I am modern, sustainable and incredibly versatile!


Duty first

First of all, you have to see me in addition to the workstation: this is my “professional” version. Connected to the Biplane, I can position myself on the right, on the left, in the centre, wherever you need to (I don’t have tracks, I told you, I’m versatile!). And for the most precious objects or the “top secret” documents … you add just a padlock and I close everything in total security.


Pleasure afterwards

Then there is the cool version, the happy-hour-style … which in the end is the version I like most. From the workstation, hey, just a simple flip and I can accommodate your favorited drinks, bottles, glasses, plates of appetizers and chips. Everything at your fingertips for a cheerful aperitif or for an impromptu dinner!


Last but not least

As I said, versatility is my strong point: think of me as a colourful and nice “storage” DRAWER: I can hold documents to tidy up (and those already organised), seasonal fruit (such a sublime centrepiece!), memories (only the beautiful ones), sports trophies, travel souvenirs, boules de neige collected over the years, …