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Sunshine, scorching heat, evenings outdoors, downpours and a longing for freedom: summer is here! 

If you’re lucky enough to have a house by the sea and have a garden of your own… the time has finally come to enjoy your little paradise!

The seaside garden is a perfect oasis, in all seasons, to enjoy wonderful moments of authentic relaxation, to take refuge from the chaos of the beach, to read, to rest, to sip an iced tea listening to the cicadas or to devote yourself to a little gardening. But the garden, like all ‘living’ places, needs attention and care!

Here are 5 practical tips to make it YOUR special place right away.

Sun and shade

Sun and shade are the two poles around which the life of every garden revolves, whether in the countryside or the city. And at all latitudes and climates. But they become fundamental when it comes to a seaside garden. Two factors must always be taken into account when designing a garden: the importance of the sun in cooler seasons and the need for shade in summer. It is necessary to observe well — during the course of the seasons —  how the space is exposed to the sun, because on the basis of the exposure you can decide where to plant the trees, where to arrange the furniture, where to host the gazebo and even the swimming pool.



It is always a good idea to get advice from a local gardener on which plants are suitable for the terrain and climate, and to prefer plants that grow in that area, without getting carried away by the allure of the exotic… palm trees and orange trees do not always resist our winter cold, unless the garden is well exposed or, better still, is directly located in Sicily! The Mediterranean vegetation, typical of our coastal areas, is rich in scents and aromas and plants with beautiful names such as myrtle, juniper, strawberry tree, lavender, laurel and rosemary. Trusty companions in any self-respecting garden! Remember to always have handy handmade terracotta pots or jars which you can fill with seasonal flowering plants such as geraniums, surfinias or hibiscus as you please.

The furniture

The perfect furniture for a seaside garden must first of all respond to precise requirements linked to the marine climate: it is better to prefer materials that resist the weather and saltiness and that do not need maintenance, such as those by Kindof, for example. And it would be a good idea to choose outdoor furniture that lends itself to being moved easily (to follow the sun, shade and sea breeze) and that can be reinvented every year, personalising it with the fabrics and cushions we love most. Colours are the protagonists of marine furniture: there are the classic ones, such as white and blue, but how much beauty we can have by choosing bright colours, the colours of the sun… from yellow to orange and bright red.


Water is an essential element in a seaside garden. And we’re not just talking about a swimming pool, which of course, if space permits, transforms the garden into a magnificent space, both during the day, with its surrounding chaises longues, and at night, thanks to clever lighting. But even without thinking of a swimming pool, it is possible to introduce the element of Water into our garden simply by means of a beautiful outdoor shower, or an artistic fountain or even a small pond adorned with flowers and water plants.

The gazebo

A nice gazebo is really perfect to increase the shaded area of your garden in the hot summer evenings, but also to make even more pleasant and cozy evenings to spend with friends. The gazebo can be made of wood or iron, adorned with white linen or light cotton sheets, which move gently with the sea breeze to offer shelter from the sun’s rays.