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From Kindof an invitation to sustainability and beauty, 100% Italian

Dear Santa Claus

This is a particular year. And it will also be a different, more intimate Christmas, dedicated to near and far affections that we will not be able to embrace yet. Exchanging gifts will have a very special meaning, more authentic, perhaps. At Kindof, we thought that under the tree, this year, it would be a nice idea to find precious made-in-Italy gifts, coming from sustainable Italian brands. Here are some, among those we like so much, ready to enter our “letter” to Santa Claus.


Make You Greener

Their ecological products, carefully selected by Sonia and Valeria, two friends “in love with Planet Earth”, are dedicated to those who choose to love Nature and respect it, with gratitude and kindness. Make You Greener is an e-commerce company that offers a wide range of sustainable products chosen for those who have decided, with awareness, to be part of the change, respecting the environment, starting from small things and small gestures. Under the tree it would be nice to find one of its gift kits: a scented treat that smells of love, cuddles and smiles.


Le Sincette

It’s a small company overlooking Lake Garda and which has dedicated itself – since 1997 – with great passion to the principles of biodynamic philosophy, in order to produce a unique wine. An Italian wine that knows how to give emotions to people who love and respect Nature, its rhythms, quality of life, simplicity and balance. Ethics and reliability, time and quality, without forgetting a surprising choice of wines: all this is Le Sincette and under our tree it would really fit!

Layla Cosmetics

It was 1936 and Layla produced the first coloured nail polish for Italian women: a true conquest of freedom for the women of those times. Layla is a long history of love for women and their desire for beauty and independence: a wonderful Italian story that continues successfully to the present day with its cosmetics – still handcrafted in their Milan laboratories. So, let’s offer a gift full of colour and beauty, with Layla… this year we really need it!


Giosì Beachwear

Elegance, originality, attention to detail, tailor-made and entirely handmade products: Giosì Beachwear is an all-Italian brand created by Giosì, a young designer who founded a special maison in her native Reggio Calabria, dedicated to beachwear but also designed for the complete summer outfit. Beach couture it’s a niche market, where Giosì distributes style and quality with her women’s and men’s swimwear, outwear, dresses and her jewelled sandals. Let’s offer these precious dreams under our Christmas tree: dreams that taste of sun, sea and Italian elegance.


Merci Italy

Merci is a women’s clothing line, entirely produced in Italy by a close-knit, almost all-female team, inspired by art, travel and beauty. Its clothes are eclectic, creative, a bit vintage, and its collections are dedicated to women who love a spontaneous and independent style. Women who think, work, travel and above all like themselves and like to dress in complete freedom. Authentic, aware women who express themselves through the quality of a unique and exclusive collection made of Italian, handcrafted garments and fabrics. Under our tree there is room for a gift by Merci, glittering with gold and glamour… ça va sans dire.


And then there’s always Kindof

… which has made recycling and sustainability its “guiding star”.   Here are some ideas for useful, sustainable and beautifully designed gifts: ….