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Kindof products are made by hand shaping the frame and panel by experienced personnel. Shaping is done cold so as not to alter the mechanical characteristics and this, along with the surface differences, makes each piece unique. When used and maintained properly, kindof products are designed to last. Each product must be used to fulfill the function for which it was designed. Absolutely avoid misuse and use outside of the specific functions of the product.

For example (not an exhaustive list, but only an example):

  • Do not use seating as a stool, ladder, kickstand, exercise equipment, or similar device.
  • Do not sit on the backrest, do not sit on the armrests, do not load the seats with a weight greater than 120kg (for ROBUSTI models up to 140kg)
  • Supervise children when using: the seats, combined products such as the VOLO and CIELO legs and the BIPLANO table that are not welded together, and overlapping products such as two BREKs; because they can pose a great danger. Do not climb on or hang from products stacked on top of each other.
  • Do not use tables as ladders, trestles. Do not stand on tables. Do not load the tables with a weight exceeding 40 kg.
  • Discontinue use of products when damage is observed, to avoid injury and bruising of the user. Products should not be processed or modified. This may impair their functionality and void any warranty claims as well as pose a hazard during their use.
  • When moving the products, avoid dragging them over hard, rough and uneven floors, but lift them to avoid damage to the paintwork

When using combined or overlapping products, it is possible to increase their stability by securing them with ties and cords, etc. The responsible and safe use of combined and/or stacked products is the responsibility of the buyer.

BRIC, BREK: It is recommended not to exceed the number of 3 overlapping elements unless they are fixed to the wall with secure anchoring systems (with suitable plugs).

For the cleaning of all products use only water and a soft cloth. Products do not require shelter or protection during the winter season.

Kindof disclaims all liability for damage caused to property or persons resulting from improper use of the product. T