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Steel bars that, through engineering and handcrafted precision, are transformed into stunning furnishings with endless possibilities. The bars we work with are up to 14 metres long with a maximum diameter of 26 millimetres. Each is sketched and skilfully bent to become an authentic handcrafted creation. We combine the industrial robustness of the material with soft, sensual, crafted curves. Each piece emphasises and celebrates form, function, and the value of the human touch in a bold exploration and statement on geometry and space.

Our work illustrates the process and technique behind creation and reflects the ongoing exploration of negative space, borders, harmony and disharmony. Our vision is simple. To elevate living by creating quality, durable, stylish and unique furnishings. The starting point, the rebar or torindo, is always the same, but the end product is always special. From a humble metal rod comes the durability and malleability to create. We design each piece with curiosity, expanding our understanding of what is possible with the material. A unique perspective, timeless aesthetic, prime use of negative space and playfulness characterise the growing collection. Our dedication to simple and clean lines brings together sophistication and minimalism. The result is an industrialised, eclectic, artistic and powerfully poetic collection. We have spent years understanding the capacities and characteristics of the rebar, constantly challenging our understanding of what is possible with the material.

The production of the pieces is executed by combining Italian craftsmanship with modern technology. The process begins with automatic shaping machinery before being handled directly by the artisan, who, using wand and mesh, melds, cold galvanises and finishes each piece with a powder coat for a durable, maintenance free finish. The bars rise and fall to form a visual expression that reinforces the unfinished nature of the creative process. Sculptured furnishings to live with and to live in. We are proud to be Made In Italy and have a strong connection to our culture and its history of design.


As brothers, we grew up surrounded by rebar, reinforced steel or, as it is called in Italy, tondino. If I close my eyes, I can see the bundles of it on the ground, thick as a finger. This imagery is strongly connected to my father, who worked with steel bars in construction. To my brother and I, tondino is a connection to family and creativity. The steel was a reflection of our father. It was simple but authentic, strong, capable, and dependable. He held us together as a family and reinforced us with strong ideals, honesty and trust. One morning in Camogli, my brother and I looked out to the sea. We were speaking of our father and the possibilities he opened up for us. From that conversation came an idea – Kindof. We are proud of our father’s work, and we now use that same material to honour him.


From a simple concept and a humble material comes the expression of life, regeneration, sustainability and design. We are giving life to space and space to life. Everything we create has durable foundations, focusing on comfort through air and lightness.


Our design is rooted in the earth and creates a dialogue with the world. As we interact with the environment, we constantly question what is possible within the environments we furnish.


The iron will to stand tall in the cold frost To be submerged by the water, or the sun’s rays to be unalterable. Resistant. You may bend but not break. You are solid through your connections to the environment to people to infinite spaces. A simple welcome that invites all to stay a while. A resource that is as functional as it is unique and limitless. Beauty and character defined by Italian style and heritage. Extraordinary and irresistible.