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You can feel it

Do you feel it too? This sweet air that creeps into your brain and into the cells of your body? The soft, crisp call that makes you want to go out and look for fresh air and sun and perhaps “something new”? Yes, spring is just around the corner: the first lovely days of this cheeky March remind us about the arrival of the new season, and the birds too, singing with renewed enthusiasm and also the young leaves emerging from the branches and the first flowers that are boldly blooming for our deep pleasure.


It’s cleaning time!

Nature is preparing for the new rebirth, as it does every year. It is a miracle that fascinates us. You don’t have to go far, just go out into your garden or terrace – something is moving! And it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and start moving… the dry leaves are waiting to be swept away, branches to be pruned, soil to be fertilised and roses that are just waiting for our gardening shears to come back to life and make themselves beautiful.


It’s always springtime for Kindof

When I look at my garden furniture in the spring-cleaning frenzy, I realize that it has always been Spring at Kindof. The CHAISE LONGUE, the comfortable garden (or patio) seat, that has spent the winter in the rain or snow needs no cleaning! Thanks to its geometry, structure and finish it is absolutely perfect. The water hasn’t stopped, the snow hasn’t rusted it, the leaves have fallen between the steel wires and left no residue. Thank goodness for the Kindof Chaise Longue, so that between pruning and a pile of leaves to collect I can rest a bit and lazily stretch my legs waiting for the sunset.


I’m having a picnic on Sunday, with Kindof

Times are still difficult and travel complicated by the pandemic; are we still in the red zone? Or in the orange zone? It doesn’t matter, we’ll still have a picnic on Sunday, on our terrace, and if we can, in the garden. Let’s take advantage of outdoor spaces, balconies, terraces and gardens: KINDOF will be our ally, as always! All we need to do is set up the FRATINO garden table with the MINIMAL and ROOMI chairs… look, they have remained perfect, in their place, as if it were always spring: clean and ready for a new season and a new adventure!


(If it’s nice on Sunday, I’ll organise a nice picnic and if there are any clouds… we’ll have coffee in the garden or on the terrace: let’s start now to enjoy spring and the Kindof furniture).