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The perfect place

Ever dreamed of having your own winter garden? That perfect place where large windows protect you from the cold, dull winter days and allow you to relax in an armchair, reading your book and listening to your music. Sitting in the warmth, surrounded by nature and by a real garden, with a view on the starry skies and beautiful sunsets?


Inspired by Kindof

If you are among the privileged and have your own “perfect place”, you know well that not all garden furniture is also suitable for a winter garden, because outdoor furniture does not fit to interior spaces, as for material or design. For this reason, it is better to rely on those who, like Kindof, are able to inspire any garden, even the winter ones, thanks to its design, such as the FRATINO table and the MINIMAL or SPRING80 chairs.


Inside and outside

What makes Kindof truly unique is the possibility of using its outdoor furniture also in interior spaces. The essential elegance of its garden furniture elements allows you to enjoy the convenience of outdoor furniture in any season. After all, … why should we have two garden furniture when we can simply move them: from outside to inside and vice versa?


What if it’s a winter balcony?

If  you don’t have a winter garden — like many of us — , you can always turn your balcony or terrace into your personal and unique “perfect place”. You can use your Kindof BRIC or PARENTESI as outdoor tables (they resist water and bad weather, you know) and if you really want to cuddle yourself we suggest you a beautiful CHAISE LONGUE: let’s enjoy a moment of authentic relaxation, under a beautiful warm blanket, even on cold winter days!