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Lightness and elegance in the name of industrial design

In Milan, from 6 to 12 June 2022, Kindof takes part in the FuoriSalone: the simple and elegant lines of industrial design from Designtech, registered MIND, to the Brera Design District. Kindof, from 6 to 12 June 2022, participates in Milan’s FuoriSalone. Several locations will host the collections, from Designtech, the hub of technological innovation in the furniture and construction sector of MIND – Milano Innovation District with an outdoor setting, at the heart of the Brera Design District: the permanent showroom at MetroQuality in Via Solferino 24; the exhibition set up for the windows and the terrace of Slowear in Via Solferino 18 and the new collection presented at the Brera Pavilion, in the Cloisters of San Simpliciano. At the Brera Pavilion (via Cavalieri del Santo Sepolcro 3) you will enter the house registered Kindof: a living room and a reading corner, where the structures, light but solid, will seem to hover in the area. Simple and modern lines, embellished with a careful finish, which enhances the raw material, with a selection of colors that touch the golden sand, blue and pink. The exhibition space will be defined and enriched by JAPANESE SCREENS, covered with climbing green, with a selection of products from the new collection: the KOLLEKTOR library consisting of the different models of the series (45 to 20), ready to accommodate small and large volumes; a multifunctional coffee table BIPLANO IN CIELO by standing consultation completed by a tower of two KOLLEKTOR 40; the TANCA 61 bench with two KOLLEKTOR 40 libraries inserted for a seating consultation; the ARCÙ coffee table and the GIUNCO chairs, which by their nature have a space on the back dedicated to aromatic plants. The exhibition is transformed into a multisensory workstation, which involves, thanks to prestigious collaborations, all the senses: vision and touch are stimulated by the images and colors of a selection of xxl volumes of art, photography and lifestyle in collaboration with Taschen; music in collaboration with Brionvega and finally the sense of smell, between scents and aromatic herbs. At the 2022 Fuorisalone Kindof wants to pay homage to the photographer Francesco Radino (1947-2022), who recently passed away, with a selection of unpublished photographs of the Master, made in the production plant of Somaglia, in the province of Lodi. «Francesco’s objective has been able to grasp the soul of Kindof products, which since 2019 has evolved technically without altering essence and aesthetics», says Luca Ghielmi, founder of the company «in these hours therefore he had to pay homage and a selection of works will be present in the exhibition at the Brera Pavilion». 


Born in 2014 in Switzerland but with a production 100% Italian, the mission of Kindof is to enhance an industrial material, raw and filiform but strong and flexible, creating a line of elements furniture that knows how to combine the creative inspiration and the very nature of the material. All this by consciously choosing to use a single rod to create the supporting structure of each piece of furniture: a real challenge both engineering and craftsmanship. But this is exactly how Kindof chose to enhance the rod, its mechanical resilience and above all the aesthetics and the primitive beauty of its rib. Synonymous with innovation, through the exclusive use of a ribbed steel rod, born for reinforced concrete constructions, creates sustainable products and a symbol of great elegance. It is born from a human, technical, technological contribution, memories, sensations and fantasy under the direction of Mattia and Luca Ghielmi. A human product, handmade, unique and unrepeatable in every piece. 

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