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Notes from the Salone del Mobile 

The extraordinary edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan ended a few days ago: a long-awaited event that also marked the concrete moment of the city’s post-Covid re-start. Supersalone, that’s how this particular September 2021 edition was baptised, a name that evokes a wish, but also a hope for rebirth and success. And Supersalone was… in name and in fact! The event was in fact a real success that – positively – surprised both the organisers and the many participants. Milan, after many months, was once again a protagonist on the international design and culture scene.

The number of visitors exceeded even the most optimistic expectations and the many events organised in the city gave positive answers to the expectations of the participants and above all to the desire (and need) to breathe new ideas and above all to the desire to get moving again after this difficult period. Many foreigners attended the various Supersalone events, mainly from Europe: our showroom in Via Solferino 24 also hosted a large number of sector operators, most of whom brought a series of beautiful projects to our attention.

One of the central themes of the Supersalone was sustainability and circularity: for us at KINDOF, this meant that we were in perfect harmony with the topics proposed, as sustainability and reuse are the principles on which all our production is based. Our products are in fact all sustainable and circular, since they are made with iron rod from 100% recycled material.

Also for this extraordinary edition Brera, where our showroom is located, was the centre of activity of the design week. There were lots of ideas and great energy from the best brands, capable of giving new life and form to the general desire to resume work interrupted by the pandemic. Lots of new things to hear and see, intriguing and stimulating settings at Hermes at the Pelota, Dior and Guzzini in via Brera, with their elegant temporary installations, but also in the permanent showrooms of Boffi, Kerakol, Bisazza and many other brands present in Brera. Famous and lesser-known brands (but who we believe will soon make a name for themselves!) were able to capture the public’s attention with displays in the style of the best editions of the Salone, such as VERY SIMPLE KITCHEN who presented their new concept of a 100% Made in Italy kitchen inspired by the functional and minimalist design of the industrial world in the Design Republic shop/showroom.

Kindof presented itself at this special Supersalone with great enthusiasm: it completely renewed the range of products displayed in the showroom in Via Solferino and presented its design line also in collaboration with the Slowear brand, at their Slowear18 space, the only Franciacorta Bar point in Europe. The exhibition, installed on the occasion of Fuori Salone 2021, ended on 9 September with a special event dedicated to customers and architecture firms.

What more can we say?  

We can only express our great satisfaction at how Milan has managed to breathe new life into the Salone del Mobile and above all at the enthusiasm with which the public has literally rewarded the companies in the sector. In the 18 months since the start of the pandemic, these companies have not lost heart, but have worked with determination and patience to find new energy and new resources and to finally be present at this edition of the Salone. Among these companies there is obviously also KINDOF, which was and is always present to welcome and satisfy the needs, old and new, of its customers.

Kindof – via Solferino 24 – Milan