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The outdoor furniture that doesn’t fear rain and loves design

No stress WITH Kindof

The first autumn rains are here and those of us who have a garden, a terrace or a simple balcony must start “great manoeuvres” to protect our outdoor furniture away from water and wind. Our empty outdoor spaces do not invite us anymore to special moments of relaxation. Yet autumn still gives us many magnificent days for us to enjoy, for example, on a beautiful chaise longue. With Kindof, “great manoeuvres” are just a bad memory, because you can leave your Kindof furniture outdoors without worrying: enjoy your pleasant and relaxing space en plein air on beautiful autumn days!


Kindof outdoor furniture are not only authentic design pieces, but also the result of a wise use of technology, making it resistant to autumn rains, humidity, and wind. This is because Kindof products are totally waterproof: water runs off without settling on surfaces and without staining them, they do not rust and are extremely easy to clean.



With the arrival of autumn, the days are getting shorter: do you still miss the summer light? Don’t worry about it: even the greyest of days deserve to be experienced with a pinch of colour! Red, green, blue, orange … choose your colour and brighten the outdoor spaces of your home with the colourful art of Kindof furniture.


If you, like us, love design and ease of use don’t give up your autumn corner this year!  Kindof offers you a selection of weatherproof, versatile and colourful furniture items. Unique pieces that will make autumn your special season. Find the Kindof solution suitable for your outdoor space: browse our catalogue and let yourself be inspired!