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BREK Kindof: the multifunctional design that shapes your home

I am a multitasking BREK

My name is BREK and I am the multitasking container by Kindof. What’s my main quality you ask? I am versatile, multifaceted, eclectic, and multifunctional. I can grow vertically and horizontally. And on top of that I’m resistant, self-supporting, and colourful, perfect for your home, your office …  and your garden, too.

Your reading corner

Books, magazines, catalogues or e-readers: everything you read or browse  – for work, pleasure or study – you can have it at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. I’m your BREK and I can turn myself into a small or large bookcase, designed just the way you want, depending on your hunger for … Knowledge!

Time for happy hour!

We don’t feed on culture alone! And here I am ready to transform myself into a modern coffee table or —better even— into the trusty ally of your happy hour: I can revisit the traditional minibar, host your favourite cocktails and adapt to last-minute dinner-parties.


Play it again, BREK

I’m such a nostalgic, I know. But when you turn on the turntable and whisper “Play it again” I’m so proud to host your entire collection of old and new LPs. I am  designed and built to be resistant, strong and —above all— stable: thanks to these technical characteristics,  even the Sound can only be … perfect!

No more mess, please

Do you want a wardrobe that suits your style? Do you want to have everything close at hand and clearly visible? With me, you can indulge yourself and create a customized BREK wardrobe, taking advantage of all the possible combinations of architectures and colours. A place for your clothes, for your accessories, for all your bags or shoes, where

—finally—  order will reign!