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Industrial style has undoubtedly earned a place of honor among the 2020 trends in the world of interior design.
Wood, metal, neutral colors and wide open spaces are the perfect combination of elegant modern geometries and the charm of the last century, with an atmosphere halfway between natural and artificial, that creates the perfect play of contrasts.
When people think about industrial style, they often associate it with city apartments and lofts, with lofts, large windows, metal, rough wood and exposed brick. But this design style is not exclusive to urban environments: in this article, we take you to the discovery of industrial design in places where you wouldn’t expect to encounter it.
The creativity of the designers has led the industrial style to reinvent unconventional buildings and spaces, giving it a new look that is as unusual as it is fascinating and combined with the flexibility offered by open spaces. Here are the results.

5 unconventional places furnished in industrial style


The Lumière cinema in Maastricht

Commissioned by Maastricht City Council and built by JHK Architecten, the Lumière cinema is a former factory whose power station has been converted into a modern cinema with a restaurant and a bar.
The renovation of this complex is part of the “Belvédère Binnensingel” urban development project, in which the cultural cluster represented by the Lumière cinema will play a leading role in the future redevelopment of this former industrial area, north of Maastricht.
The former engine room, which now houses the cafeteria/restaurant, has been beautifully furnished preserving part of the old industrial installations.
It is a magnificent example of the fusion of the old and the new, in an environment where industrial heritage is combined with state-of-the-art film technology creating a warm, jovial and welcoming atmosphere.

The chapel on the hill in Teesdal

Situated in the countryside of the United Kingdom, an apparently abandoned small chapel has in fact been converted into a modern (home) house furnished in industrial style.
The extraordinary transformation of the church is a real jewel of the town of Teesdale by the architects of Evolution Design,
As the existing building was in a state of decay and had been vacant for many years, the aim of the project was to breathe new life into the building, to allow visitors to appreciate the local history and architecture while creating a welcoming typical environment of a modern-day cottage.
Modern, elegant yet well integrated into its geographical and cultural context, the former chapel has been furnished in perfect industrial style, with natural materials (such as wood) combined with metallic finishes and details, to ensure that the final glance respects the character of the landscape without being cumbersome or outdated.

An 1800s farm in Moorenweis

This delightful farm and farmhouse built in 1890 in the district of Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany, seems almost suspended in time. If the exterior has all the appearance of a rural dwelling, the interiors are stunning with their modern industrial furnishings.
The renovation of the rustic house by Philipp Moeller’s studio has preserved the basic structure, in particular the roof beam, focusing on creating a warm and comfortable interior that could accommodate a family of four.
In order to maintain the typical character of a farmhouse, some of the original elements such as doors, lamps or furniture have been retained to support the industrial chic style.
Natural materials and surfaces, soft colors and a clear love of detail blend the old and the new in a successful combination.

A Renaissance castle in Heidelberg

You wouldn’t expect to find industrial-style furniture inside a castle, but it’s exactly the right choice for Heidelberg Castle in Germany, partially converted into a restaurant.
The historic Sattelkammer (guest room) of Heidelberg Castle has been restored to its original size through a laborious renovation project by Swiss architect Max Dudler and embellished with details typical of the industrial style, without neglecting a skillful use of natural and artificial lighting.
Heidelberg Castle is one of the most important Renaissance buildings north of the Alps, with over one million visitors a year. The interior, completely freed from all the additions of the 1980s, now houses a restaurant whose furniture – tables, chairs and bar – was designed by Max Dudler. The exposed brick walls further enhance the stylistic choices of the interiors, making it a perfect example of urban furniture in a seventeenth-century architectural context.

The Radio Hair hairdresser in London

The East side of London is one of the symbols par excellence of industrial style, to the point that this style has come to influence even an unusual place like a hairdresser’s salon.
Radio Hair is a well-established hairdressing franchise in the British capital, which also includes spas, photo studios and small contemporary art galleries within it, in the perfect spirit of the “new London”.
Curated by Universal Design Studio, the King’s Cross headquarters has been renovated in an industrial style thanks to the inclusion of materials such as marble, wood, strategic color combinations, raw finishes and visible systems.
The exhibition is housed in a former abandoned industrial railway site, a source of inspiration for the project. Local craftsmen skilled in carpentry and metalwork have manufactured the key details which characterize the entire space. An eclectic and unexpected combination that celebrates the Radio brand and represents a gem, set perfectly in the style of its neighborhood.


These fascinating and unexpected uses of industrial design confirm once again its potential and its unquestionable aesthetic impact.
This is not an elite style reserved only for large city lofts or breweries, but a trend with a sustainable soul that due to its minimalist character and affordable for everyone can be widely exploited in any type of open space environment, creating a truly inimitable visual impact.

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