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Winter has come (but not in your backyard)

It’s snowing!

There is no doubt that this strange winter — among pandemics and hopes for vaccines —has offered us the most beautiful snowfalls of recent years. Not only the Alps and the Apennines, but also our cities, hills and gardens have been covered, over and over, by a thick white cover.


Silent gardens

The snow turned our gardens into fairy-tale landscapes: from the autumn colours we have moved on to a pure snow-white that dominates our outdoor spaces in a magical silence. Snow keeps falling and falling, covering everything. Everything? Everything but the joyful colours of our Kindof outdoor furniture, peeking out from under the white cover. Because Kindof doesn’t care about rain and doesn’t worry about snow!


Winter colours

What a fantastic idea to have chosen that yellow, that orange, that red, that blue when the season still promised sunny and sleepy afternoons! Kindof’s chaise longues, armchairs and colourful tables are still shining in our snow-covered gardens and inviting us to enjoy winter sunshine and forget, for a moment, about our skiing adventures!

Kindof, an ally for every season

One hand —and often not even that — is all you need to clear the snow from your Kindof’s garden furniture. Kindof products remain perfect, even when winter has finally arrived. The secret? A brilliant and innovative idea: the ribbing rod, a material that prevents the accumulation of water (and ice and snow) on its surface, thanks to its ribbing and care in processing and finishing. And … the design, obviously, so essential and airy. A guarantee for an extraordinary seal able to withstand every super snow shower!