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Kindof’s design process originates from a single steel rod and the desire to reconcile the world of design with sustainability.
Through a functional, aesthetically pleasant and single-material geometry that meets the use of quality scrap, we have been able to create original, durable and eco-sustainable furnishing elements.
This approach based on ecodesign and the creative expression of our ideals has earned us an industrial patent in Italy, Switzerland and Europe, but this has not diminished our desire to experiment and explore new approaches.
This is how it came to life Kindof Tributes, a collection inspired by iconic architecture and design, which aims to propose great masterpieces from these two worlds in the style of Kindof.
In this article, we take you on a journey in which the art of the last century meets the new philosophy of ecodesign in order to give life to timelessly stylish industrial furnishing elements.

How Kindof Tributes was originated

With the wealth of experience gained during the creation of the first pieces, and thanks to the valuable contribution of our Art Director Giulio Ceppi, the reinterpretation of the original Kindof project led us to add art to our already delicate combination of sustainability and design.
This gave rise to the idea of paying tribute to an iconic object by a master of architecture and design, redesigning it with the unique style of Kindof through the Tributes collection. Let’s find out what these iconic pieces are and how they have influenced contemporary furniture trends.

Spring Roomi Kindof

The iconic object and its importance in furnishing


Architecture, a symbol of civilization, rises pristine, elementary, perfect when it is the expression of a people who selects, observes and appreciates the results which, laboriously reworked, reveal the spiritual values of all peoples.

Giuseppe Terragni

The great masters of architecture and design have always inspired trends in the world of furniture, dictating the style and line of the elements that will decorate our homes in the years to come.
Especially during the twentieth century, when the present modernism and minimalism (which would later plant the seeds of modern industrial design) were infused, designers and architects unconsciously gave birth to furniture elements that would later flourish in the homes of design lovers, especially in the field of industrial furniture. But what is the secret of an iconic artwork? What distinguishes you from the more “common” furnishings fashionable at the moment?
The fascination of iconic objects lies in their timeless design, which adapts to any style and environment regardless of the material they are made of or the technique used. They capture our attention thanks to their distinctive form, inviting us to contemplate their uniqueness and to consecrate it, bringing it to our homes even decades after their creation.

Materia prima

In paying tribute to great artists, we always take this fundamental principle into account. Here are the individual works that inspired the pieces in the Kindof Tributes collection:

Our inspirations

  • Sant’Elia armchair by Giuseppe Terragni: originally infused Benita, it is a chair conceived in 1936 by the Italian architect Giuseppe Terragni
    (considered the greatest exponent of Italian rationalism) for its most famous building, Casa del Fascio di Como. It has a unique and sinuous frame made of tubular steel that supports two elegant armrests, a backrest and a seat covered with leather or printed wood. It inspired our armchair 
  • Zig-Zag Chair by Gerrit Rietveld: a chair designed in 1934 by the Dutch architect and craftsman Gerrit Rietveld, exponent of neoplasticism. Its minimalist design is composed of 4 wooden tiles that blend into a Z shape using dovetail joints. It was designed for the Rietveld Schröder House in Utrecht and inspired our Divano, Spring80 e Spring 100.
  • Hill House Chair di Charles Rennie Mackintosh: designed in 1903 by the Scottish architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh (the greatest exponent of Art Noveau in the United Kingdom) for Hill House in Scotland. It is a chair that combines figurative and symbolic ideals with linear geometry, no doubt inspired by the abstract graphics of Japanese design. It inspired our chair Roomi.

Divano Kindof

The creative process

The models of Kindof Tributes come to life through a design and creative process that follows precise steps. Here they are in detail:

Model function

We first consider the function that the model will have to perform: we identify a preliminary function or several functions that have been put together, even if we often discover in the course of work that the model can perform other functions without giving up the first one identified.


After establishing the function, we design a frame that can be made using a single steel rod, a prerogative of our creations.

Produzione Kindof Tributes

Geometry and measurements

Coupling frame and panel is not an easy operation: therefore, it is vital to identify the correct geometry that guarantees the robustness of the final part, together with its rough measurements.


Siamo pronti a passare alla realizzazione del prototipo nelle dimensioni reali. In questa fase verifichiamo eventuali impedimenti nella piegatura del telaio o del pannello e testiamo la modalità di accoppiamento (sempre eseguita con una saldatura a mano).

Evaluation and testing

We evaluate the final appearance of the raw prototype, testing its stability, robustness and practicality of use. We often bring it into our homes to ensure that the aesthetic impact and functionality are both in line with our standards.


Once the model is established, we go back together with Kindof art director Giulio Ceppi to identify the contribution of designers who (perhaps more unconsciously than consciously) have inspired the definition of the new model’s geometry.

Flexi Kindof

The future of Kindof Tributes

What has just been described is the current process used to produce the elements of the Tributes collection, but the future is still to be written.
The research and study of new models could draw extensively from the world of modern and contemporary architecture through the expansion of the Kindof team and external collaborations, in a way in which Kindof’s works of art and ideals inspire each other to open new creative horizons.
The Tributes line evolves with us by promoting sustainable design without compromising on the aesthetic attraction of architectural icons.

We firmly believe that art, efficiency, durability and love for the planet can live peacefully together in our homes. These tributes to the great masters from the past are living proof thereof.

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